Registration & Free Day Pass

If you are a student from UCT Prague (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague) or CTU (Czech Technical University in Prague), you can enter and exit the library using your student ID.


Registering allows you to take advantage of a wide array of services

Even if you do not register, you can enter the library using a free entrance pass.

Check your privileges using the Access & Privileges Tool.

Benefits of registration

Once you're registered, you'll be entitled to do the following:

What you need to register

Beginning October 1, registration is free for CTU students and employees.


  • A valid passport or identity card
  • 100 CZK in cash for one year (50 CZK for a half year)
  • UCT Prague, IOCB and CULS students/professors/staff: Registration is free.
  • A chip card with your name/photo which will serve as your customer card (e.g., ISIC, ITIC, OpenCard, ČD In-karta). If you do not have a chip card, we will make one (fee: 200 CZK).
  • Proof of residence (official residence permit, valid lease agreement, dormitory card, paper from the foreign police, telephone or electricity bill. It must mention your name and your address)

Legal representatives of an organization

  • A certificate of incorporation, business license, or other proof of the organization’s establishment
  • Two copies of a registration contract, including your organization’s official stamp and signature of an official representative
  • Your valid personal passport or identity card
  • 100 CZK in cash for one year (50 CZK for a half year)
  • A chip card with your name and photo which will serve as your customer card (e.g., ISIC, ITIC, ČD In-karta, OpenCard). If you do not have a chip card, we will make one (fee: 200 CZK).

A legal representative cannot use individual study carrels and - because of license agreement restrictions - cannot use our eResources.

Registration process

  1. If you want to save time, pre-register first. Then come to the library within 30 days to complete the process.
  2. Print a registration ticket from the ticket machine (near the main library turnstiles; select Registration).
  3. When your ticket number appears on the monitors, scan it to enter the library through the turnstiles.
  4. Go to the appropriate registration desk (you will see them behind the main library turnstiles).
  5. After registering, you will receive a printed contract stating what services you can enjoy; feel free to ask any questions at the desk.

Renewing your registration

You must renew in person at the registration desk on the ground floor. The process, fees, and documents required are the same as above.

Specimen of Contract


Free Day Pass

If you don't want to register, you can still use the library.

To enter, use our free day pass - print it using the ticket machine near the main library turnstiles. Then, scan it to enter.

Be sure not to lose your pass; you will need it to exit the library.

What you can do without registering

Access & Privileges

These policies apply to the National Library of Technology (NTK) and to members of the University of Chemistry and Technology community (ChemTK).

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) Central Library, situated on the 5th floor, has separate access requirements and borrowing policies; please consult them at the appropriate information desk (second floor) to learn more.

Before registering, you can use the Access & Privileges Tool to find out your patron category and its specific privileges that you would have.

Please note we retain the right to revoke access privileges for users of any category; be sure to follow the library rules.

Questions? Please contact us or ask our staff.

Patron Categories (Group)

The following are the most common categories for our English-speaking users:

ChemTK/UCT Prague Community (Students, PhDs, Faculty & Staff)

Registration is free for you.

You can search both NTK and ChemTK materials using our catalog. You can also use the ChemTK website.

You can access all NTK and ChemTK eResources at home using UCT Prague VPN Client.

Non-Czech Citizens

The following doesn't apply if you are a UCT Prague student or employee.

If you don't have a temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic, you may not be able to:

  • Check out materials for home use.
  • Access eResources from home.
  • Reserve individual study carrels or team rooms.

However, if you're registered, you can still:

  • Access all eResources in the library from our computers or your own laptop using our WiFi.
  • Use print/scan/copy machines.
  • Enter the After Hours Study Room.
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