Public Computers (Terminals)

Public computers are available to all registered patrons, who can use them to access the Internet and view and edit documents. They are available on Floors 3 to 6 and in After Hours Study Room.

Please always backup your data. After 14 days of your inactivity (no logging in), all your files and documents might be deleted from a terminal.

Using a Flash Drive

1. Connect your flash drive to the USB port and go to Počítač (My Computer).

2. Select Files on TERMXXX (XXX represents the number of the computer you are using).

3. Select Hard Disk2 or Hard Disk3 (depends on which port your flash drive is in).

4. The contents of your flash drive should now be displayed. If they are not, please ask our service team for assistance.

You can connect all devices that support USB Mass Storage and FAT32. The NTFS file system used by some external hard drives is not supported.

Print Settings

The default setting is color printing. To print in black and white, select:

Tisk - Vlastnosti - Barva - Možnosti barvy - Tisk ve stupních šedi

Print - Properties - Color - Color Options - Print in Grayscale

Playing a Sound

Computers equipped with audio output are located on the 5th floor. Please use headphones when playing audio.

Installed Apps

  • Adobe Reader XI: Program for viewing PDFs
  • Adobe Digital Editions 3.0
  • ASPI: Comprehensive system for working with legal information (more information on the ASPI website)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (web browser)
  • IrfanView: Program for viewing and editing images and photos
  • Mozilla Firefox (web browser)
  • LibreOffice: Office program that includes:
    • Writer – text editor
    • Calc – spreadsheet
    • Impress – presentation tool
    • Draw – graphic editor
    • Base – database front end
    • Math – tool for creating mathematical formulas
  • Zoner Photo Studio 17 PRO: Professional photo software for working with bitmap images
  • DjVuLibre
  • PuTTY
  • WinSCP

To access programs that come with Windows such as Calculator, Notepad, WordPad and Paint, go to Start -> Všechny programy (Programs) -> Příslušenství (Accessories).

Photo: student using a public computer


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