Walk-in Consultations

Face-to-face, walk-in consultation services (maximum 15 min) available to all undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral research associates, researchers and faculty for information and guidance on searching, citing, writing, formating, proofreading and editing scientific texts, assistance in document preparation systems, including LaTex, and international student support. 

Visit us for on-site assistance at the Knowledge Navigation Corner (Floor 2) or use the regular, subject- and language-specific, walk-in consultation times.

This service is free of charge and available to all.

Subject- and language-specific walk-in consultations

If you wish to meet and discuss your research topic in detail, please suggest a time and a date for an individual consultation tailored to meet your needs.

2017/2018 Winter Semester Schedule

11:00–12:00 13:00–14:00 15:00–16:00 16:00–17:00

Latex First Help

Cite Properly


International Student Support

Scientific Writing in Czech


Scientific Writing in English


Resources in Mechanical Engineering
(EVEN weeks)

Resources in Mechanical Engineering
(ODD weeks)

Scientific Writing in English (in English, Portuguese)

Face-to-face (NTK Knowledge Navigation Corner) walk-in (<15 mins) consultation services available to faculty, researchers, post-doctoral research associates, and graduate and undergraduate students requesting assistance in writing or editing scientific texts, including abstracts, papers, grants and theses, or preparing scientific presentations.  

If you need help with writing in Czech, please use Scientific Writing in Czech.  

Further consultation services for longer queries (<60 mins) are also available online (Skype), or on-site (NTK) by appointment only.

International Student Support (in English, Greek)

This service provides information on required id/visa/password, study guide, confirmation and recognition of diplomas (required documents and procedures) and useful information regarding adaptation to the Czech culture.

Further consultation services for longer queries (<60 mins) are also available online (Skype), or on-site (NTK) by appointment only.

LaTeX First Help (in English, Greek)

This service provides information and guidelines for Mac OS, Windows and Linux installation, useful guidelines for beginners (structuring your first document, explaining packages, typesetting math in LaTeX, adding a picture, generating a table of contents, adding bibliography and citation, adding footnotes, creating tables with LaTeX) and guidelines for more advanced topics (generating tables with pgfplottable, visualizing your data with pgfplots, drawing pictures in code with pgfplots).

Further consultation services for longer queries (<60 mins) are also available online (Skype), or on-site (NTK) by appointment only.

Cite Properly (in English, Czech)

This service provides help with citing untraditional resources (e.g. technical norms, patents, Youtube videos), following citation rules, and organizing your work. 

Resources in Mechanical Engineering (in English, Czech)

This consultation service is provided by our specialist Jan Červenka, the author of the Mechanical Engineering Subject Guide.



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