Marine Comby


Before graduating in librarianship in 2010, I studied History at the Sorbonne University with a focus on early middle-age Christianization processes in France. I worked as an information specialist in Parisian law firms, specializing in French legal and governmental information, and moved to the Czech Republic in 2013 thanks to the European program Leonardo da Vinci for young professionals. From there I have since gained experience in website development and localization as well as translation project management in the IT and pharmaceutical sectors.

I’m now part of the Office of Specialized Academic Services at the National Library of Technology in Prague, working on educational resources and programs. I also collaborate with the Science Communication research group.

For more information about my career and experience, please see my LinkedIn page.

You can reach to me for questions related to research in human sciences, linguistics and international relations. Additionaly, if you need support with French literature and language or in exploring French information resources in any field, don't hesitate to contact me!

I am responsible for following guides:

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