The Building

The current building opened in 2009 in the heart of the Dejvice engineering and technology campus after two years of construction. It was designed by the Projektil Architekti studio with the environment in mind. The centerpiece of the award-winning building is a rectangular, five-story open atrium with stairwells and elevators enabling access to all public areas. Over two hundred avant-garde, "comics-style" drawings by Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi (one of the only such permanent installations by the artist) adorn the atrium’s concrete walls. Our building was recently featured in Eric Baldwin's Temples of Knowledge: 8 Unique National Libraries Across the World.

Made by: Petr Vocelka

On the ground floor, you can find a café, the Municipal Library branch for Prague 6, Balling conference hall, the After Hours Reading Room (to study at night and when the library is closed), and Gallery NTK.

Underground parking is available.

Useful tips

You can take personal belongings into the main library or leave them in the free lockers located throughout the building and also on the ground floor.

Smoking is not allowed in the building; please smoke only in the areas with ashtrays near entrances NTK2 and NTK3.

Photographs for personal use are allowed, but please contact us regarding commercial photo and video shoots.

Leashed dogs are allowed only on the ground floor and the first floor. Dog owners should clean up any accidents.

The security personnel at the NTK3 desk are trained to assist with any injuries, lost children, problems with lockers or parking, and crowd control. In emergency situations, please follow their instructions.

Library floors

You will find open shelves, team study rooms, snack lounges with vending machines and recycling receptacles on floors three through six. Please use the snack lounges for meals and louder phone conversations. We also provide open air atria (6th floor).

To study, you will find over 1,200 seats of various kinds. You can also reserve our team study rooms (floors four, five, and six) or reserve individual study carrels (sixth floor). The Rare Books and Special Collections Reading Room is located on the third floor.

Floor guides are located on the pillars and walls near the elevators on each floor.

All floors except the ground floor are equipped with print/scan/copy machines, which all registered patrons can use. Registered patrons can also use the desktop computers on floors three through six, as well as the library's Wi-Fi network. Eduroam is also available.

Floors three and six are quiet zones. If you need to talk with your friends or make a phone call, please move to another floor or use the snack lounges.

Toilets are located on each level, except for floor two.

Periodicals Reading Room

The Periodicals Reading Room is situated on the third floor. There, you can browse current print journals and use specialized databases including various copyrighted materials which can only be accessed in the library.

CTU library

The Czech Technological University (CTU) library is on the fifth floor. CTU students can access the library with their student cards even if they are not NTK patrons.


NTK aims to be open to all. If you have specific problems or needs, ask for help at any service desk.

People using wheelchairs can find a special gate at the entrance. Ask the guard on duty for assistance in opening the gate and helping you enter.

Elevators and stairs allow you to navigate from floor to floor.

Reduced fees for those with special needs

If you are permanently disabled and have the proper documentation to prove your status, we offer some services for a reduced fee or for free, including two accessible individual carrels that you can rent to study.

Please ask at a service desk to make sure you are properly registered when you wish to reserve an accessible individual carrel.

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